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Electronic editing: Editing in the computer age

by Jean Hollis Weber
Published by WeberWoman’s Wrevenge
October 1999
248 pages
ISBN 0-646-38037-0

This book is very out of date, except for the first two chapters. Although you are welcome to download and buy it, I recommend Geoff Hart’s new book, Effective onscreen editing, available here.

A quick start guide for editing students, experienced editors making the switch from paper to online, and anyone who needs to write or edit electronically.

How to:

  • Define your role as an electronic editor
  • Work online
  • Work remotely
  • Edit using
        Microsoft Word
        Lotus Word Pro
        Adobe Acrobat
  • Manage e-mail when travelling
  • Back up data and programs

A full contents list is here.

By providing specific tool-use information, this book supplements other texts on editorial topics such as grammar, style and organization.

Available in both downloadable electronic (PDF) and printed forms.

How to order this book

Electronic copies – SALE
Electronic copies (PDF format, suitable for printing or can be read and searched online) are A$10, US$6, UK£4, or equivalent, as shareware (download it; if you like it, pay for it). If you print or distribute multiple copies, please pay for each one.

Downloads (approx 1.8MB):
US paper size
A4 paper size

Printed copies – ALL GONE

I do not plan to reprint this book, but the electronic version will continue to be available.

Payment instructions

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