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About technical editors

Document Freedom Day 31 March 2010

Technical editors are people who edit technical information. They work in many fields, including engineering, computer hardware and software, science, medicine, law, banking, and website development for any business or activity. Technical editors’ primary job is to ensure documents are suitable for their target audience, thus technical editing is really a quality control job. This …

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January 2007 – for nearly a year now I’ve rarely used Microsoft Windows. I’ve moved to Ubuntu Linux and found replacements for all my old Windows programs. During this time, I have neglected this website, so some parts of it are woefully out of date. I’d like to say that situation will change, but I …

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This newsletter is no longer being published. Back issues are archived on this website. Who is the newsletter for? The newsletter is intended for editors who are, or need to be, working electronically. Much of the material will be relevant to electronic editors in any field. Some of the material will be most relevant to …

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