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Advertising your website

How do you advertise your web site? Here’s a starting list. Not all of these ideas are relevant to all web sites. Choose what’s best for you.

  • Register the site with the major search engines and directories.
  • Put the address on all your printed stationery, business cards and advertising.
  • Put the address in your e-mail signature block so it goes out with every e-mail message you send.
  • Join relevant discussion groups and contribute to the discussion; refer others in the group to your web site when it’s relevant.
  • Get links to your site from other sites (but don’t clutter up your pages with too many logos, banners and other links to other sites in exchange).
  • Set up a mailing list and send out a free e-mailed newsletter; promote it through discussion groups and other means.
  • Set up your own discussion group, perhaps on Yahoogroups or Topica.
  • Don’t buy banner ads on other sites, unless it’s a very related, specialist site; in most cases, banner ads are a waste of money. Some other forms of paid advertising may be cost-effective. You’ll need to do a lot of research, or hire a specialist to do the research for you.

Last updated 27 March 2002