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Employees and independent (self-employed) people need to deal with business issues related to getting more work, increasing income, marketing services and products, working remotely, and using the internet in a variety of ways.

This section of the site provides information on these and related topics. It is still under development.

Educating yourself

One problem many people face is learning new tools and skills, either to increase our marketability or to better handle the business side of our work.

Cheap ways to learn expensive tools

Marketing yourself and your services

Do you want to change careers or get a better job?
Do you work for yourself or want to?
Do you work from home, or want to?
Have you lost your job recently?

In any of those circumstances, you need to "sell" yourself to prospective employers or clients.

See this page for some ideas.

Putting your business on the Web

To successfully put your business on the Web, you need to have some basic services.

See this page for some ideas.

Designing and developing your website

Whether you are developing a website for your own business or for a client, you need to understand and apply many new ideas.

See this page for some ideas.

Supplementing your income with a web-based business

If you can’t make enough money from your job or your existing business, you need to expand onto the web and diversify your income.

See this page for some ideas.

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