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Marketing yourself and your services

Do you want to change careers or get a better job?
Do you work for yourself or want to?
Do you work from home, or want to?
Have you lost your job recently?
Do you want to sell more products or services?
Do you want more visitors to your website?

In any of those circumstances, you need to market yourself, your services, your products, or your website to the appropriate audience.

This page collects some material you may find helpful.

Take control of your attitude
A good attitude is the key to success. What is a good attitude? How can you change your attitude?
Negotiating with writers, managers and others
How to present your argument in a way that has meaning for the other person
Marketing your remote editorial services
Things to discuss with a prospective client at a distant location
Finding telecommuting work
Tips for finding work through networking and creative marketing
Books on consulting, teleworking, other business
A list of recommended books, with links to reviews

See also the page on designing and developing your website. Your personal website can be an important marketing tool.

Last updated 20 July 2002