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Designing and developing your website

Note: This page is out of date.

Whether you are developing a website for your own business or for a client, you need to understand and apply many new ideas.

This page collects some material you may find helpful.

Who will design and develop your website?
Some considerations when choosing a website designer and developer, or deciding to do it yourself.
Making web pages viewable (and usable) in any browser
Using CSS (cascading style sheets) to provide browser-independent Web pages, when content and usability are more important than precise layout or "cool" design.
Older browser versions and a text-only browser for testing purposes
Sources of just about any browser or version you could want.
Online beginners’ guides to HTML
You can design and maintain a website without knowing any HTML, but you’ll get better results and be able to fix problems more easily if you know at least a bit of the basic code.
Books on web site design, development, usability
Recommended books.
Maintaining your website
Some ideas on maintenance and why you need to do it.

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Last updated 24 June 2003