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This procedure is taken from the user guide for Eudora Pro 4.1, an e-mail program.

My analysis and one possible revision is given on this page.

Importing Settings to Create a New Account (© Qualcomm Inc.)

To set up a newly migrated account from Netscape Messenger, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Outlook 98 as an alternate or multiple personality account using the New Account Wizard, do the following.

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Personalities, or if the Personalities window is in a visible tabbed window, click its tab.
  2. In the Personalities window, right-click to display the drop-down context menu. Choose New. The New Account Wizard window, Account Settings, is displayed.
  3. Select Import settings from an existing e-mail account. Click Next and the next Account Wizard window, Personality Name, is displayed.
  4. In the Personality Name text box, a default personality name appears. However, you may change the name if you wish. Click Next and the next Account Wizard window, Import Settings, is displayed.
  5. From Outlook, to import your e-mail messages, select Import Mail, and to import your address book entries, select Import Address Book Entries. Go to step 8.
  6. If you want to import your Netscape Messenger address book, select Netscape Navigator and the account you want to migrate. The Import Settings window is displayed for Netscape.
  7. From Netscape, to import your e-mail messages, select Import Mail. To import your address book entries, check the Import Address Book from LDIF file box. LDIF means LDAP Data Interchange Format.
  8. Before you import your Netscape Address Book, you must first save it in LDIF format. To save your address book in LDIF format, do the following.
    1. Launch Netscape Communicator.
    2. From the Communicator menu, choose Address Book.
    3. From the File menu in Netscape Communicator, choose Save. The Save dialog box is displayed.
    4. Name the file while retaining the .ldif extension and save it on your computer.
    5. Then, in the Eudora Import Settings window, click Browse to locate the address book file you just saved.
  9. To migrate your e-mail account, click Next. Eudora transfers all settings including personalities, incoming and outgoing server names, real name, return name, and login name.

Note: If during the migration, the process stops because of a corrupt message, you must go into your Netscape Messenger or Microsoft Outlook and delete the corrupt message to resume the migration.

The Success window appears indicating that your migration was successful. Once migration occurs, the settings you are importing are immediate, and your mail is migrated.

Last updated 2 July 2002