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Tools for online editors

This page provides links to several vendors of software tools that online editors (and writers) may find useful. (There's more to come.)

I probably won't list the big, well-known tools like Word, FrameMaker, and Adobe Acrobat, but rather focus on less-known tools and add-ons. Please feel welcome to suggest your favorites.

Blue Squirrel
ClickBook, WebPrinter, WebSeeker, Grab-a-Site, others.
FrameMaker tools and resources
Various vendor sites providing information and tools.
Help authoring tools
Tools for developing help for Windows, Macintosh, and browser-based help.
Miscellaneous tools for Windows systems
HTML Indexer, Macro Magic, and FAR.
Screen capture and graphics tools for Windows
Just a few of the many tools available.
Editing macros for Word and WordPerfect
Some macros from Matthew Stevens.
Typographic spaces - TrueType font
WordPerfect for Windows does not provide for typographic spaces (fixed spaces of various widths that are proportional of the base font size). This font provides those spaces.
Conversion programs for units of measurement
Master Converter (shareware), Conversion Buddy (freeware), Convert (freeware). There are many others.
Barcoding software
B-Coder Lite was the cheapest barcode software I could find that included the code type I needed. It claims to "easily add perfect bar codes to Word, Access, WordPerfect, PageMaker, Quark, etc... any Windows application." I haven't tried it, so I can't comment on how well it works.