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Tools for technical editors

(from Blue Squirrel)

This page provides links to several software tools that technical editors may find useful.

Printing and hardcopy publishing tools

Print any document or web page separately or together in a booklet format. You can pick from over 20 different layouts, including booklets, brochures and day planners. Automatically rotates, reduces and realigns. Easy duplexing without a duplexing printer!

Easily create PDFs from files produced by any Windows program that can print.

Website and Internet tools

Download parts of or entire websites to your computer for offline viewing. Set up WebWhacker to monitor webpages for any changes and notify you.

Perform advanced searches with over 100 search engines to find useful and accurate information.

An easy to use utility for finding what you want on the web quickly and easily.

An "industrial-strength" file-based offline browser that combines speed, stability, and powerful filtering capabilities.


Check the Blue Squirrel storefront page for these and other products, and the specials page for discounts or package deals.