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For other macros and information resources for Microsoft Word, see

Editing macros for Word and WordPerfect

Word macros
Provided by Matthew Stevens, who says, "This zipped file contains my editing macros for Word 97/98. Use WinZip, StuffIt Expander or similar to expand it. Open the file to read the descriptions and to copy the macros into your Normal template. If you have "macro virus protection" set in Word, you will get a warning that there are macros present. If this worries you, then choose to open the file without the macros. The text of the macros is also present in the file, so you can cut and paste them into the macro editor if you like.
There are some other macros in the file. I can't delete them without making all macros inaccessible (don't ask me why; I haven't the foggiest). You might find these useful, anyway, particularly if you attach them to keystrokes.
No claims express or implied are warranted for any of these macros. User beware.
The Electric Editors have lots of useful resources on a variety of relevant topics, including a collection of macros for Microsoft Word and links to a huge selection of Word resources, and three mailing lists.
WordPerfect macros
Provided by Matthew Stevens, who says, This zipped file contains the text of several macros for WordPerfect 3 for Mac (in WP5.1 file format). The text can be cut and pasted into the WP macro screen to make fully functional macros. Users of other word processors are welcome to use the macro text as a basis for their own macros.