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FrameMaker tools and resources

August 2007 note: This page is out of date and unlikely to be updated.

This site claims to be the largest and most comprehensive FrameMaker reference site on the Internet. They provide a solutions network for all FrameMaker users, FrameMaker FAQs, a FrameMaker event calendar, and links to other resources including the archives for the Framers discussion list.
Omni Systems
Develops filters such as MIF2GO, which provides “fast, accurate conversion from FrameMaker MIF to HTML, printable Word RTF, and WinHelp.” They will also create custom filters, tailored to your needs. The Omsys site includes selected links to other sites with useful information about FrameMaker, WinHelp, HTML, and document conversion issues.
Shlomo Perets’ site has lots of FM resources and useful links
Finite Matters Ltd.’s FrameTools and FrameScript
FrameScript is an add-on to Adobe FrameMaker that lets you write scripts (or macros) to automate most parts of FrameMaker.
Carmen Publishing’s FrameScript Page
FrameMaker automation tools.

Last updated 25 May 2003