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Discussion groups, newsletters, and related websites

October 2016: This page has not been updated in years. It may have broken links or lead to outdated resources.

The Technical Writers’ List (also known as “Techwhirl”) is a discussion group for all aspects of technical communication, including technical editing. The list owner does not allow blatantly off-topic discussions. You do not need to be a subscriber to read the archives. For more information, visit
The Copyeditors’ List (also known as CE-L) is a discussion group for editors. A wide range of editors are members, including technical editors. Subscribers have access to the list’s archives. The group’s website,, includes details on how to join the list.
STCTESIG-L is a discussion group run by the Technical Editing special interest group of the Society for Technical Communication. You are encouraged, but not required, to join the STC and the SIG, if you want to read and contribute to this list. Subscribers have access to the list’s archives. For subscription instructions, visit
STC’s Usability SIG
The Usability Special Interest Group of the STC shares information and experiences on issues related to the usability and user-centered design. In addition to an informative website, the SIG has a discussion group. Visit the SIG at
STC’s AccessAbility SIG
The STC’s AccessAbility SIG serves as a focal point both to help members with special needs achieve their potential and to help ensure the accessibility of technical communication products to end users with special needs. In addition to an informative website, the SIG has a discussion group.
This list is for authors of online help to share information about tools and techniques. You can join by sending a blank message to or by visiting the website
Technical Communication Professionals
Another discussion list for technical communicators. To subscribe or read the archives, visit
A list for technical writers where you’re allowed to discuss pretty much anything you want to. For more information, see
Electric Editors
Has lots of useful resources on a variety of relevant topics, including three mailing lists.
Titivillus tools for copy editors and those who employ them
Operated by Timothy DeVinney of Titivillus Editorial Services. the site has many helpful resources.

Other sources

My page on Microsoft Word information sources.

See also the extensive lists of books and other resources (not specifically for editors) at:

Web-based computer dictionaries
This site is a search engine that connects to various other sites, presenting definitions from a variety of fields, such as business, computers, medical.
FOLDOC is the Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing. It has quite a comprehensive list of terms, including jargon and hacker slang.
Another comprehensive list of definitions.

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