AODC 2010

The 13th Australasian Online Documentation and Content Conference (AODC 2010) was held in Darwin, Australia’s Northern Territory, 12-14 May. I found the conference both highly informative (all of the sessions interested me) and a lot of fun; thus it was well worth the cost.

Some highlights for me included the talks on structured content and DITA, engaging your readers with the documentation, an overview of Google Apps, user assistance design and implementation for iPhone apps—and the chance to fondle an iPad several weeks before they became available in Australia. I’m now mulling over the possibilities for putting some of what I’ve learned—about both structured authoring and engaging readers—into use at

For details of the speakers and their topics, see speakers page and the agenda pages on the AODC website. The speakers are regulars at AODC as well as WritersUA and similar conferences, with new material every year, presented in an entertaining manner.

I am not going to attempt to summarise the sessions, though I’ll mention some topics of particular interest to me in subsequent blog posts.