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Grapes: Area, production and yield
NSW, 1965-66 to 1989-90

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

  Season 1

Hunter Valley

MIA (a)

Sunraysia (b)



Area (c) (hectares) 2

      1965-66 to 1969-70
      1970-71 to 1974-75
      1975-76 to 1979-80   3, 4
      1980-81 to 1984-85
      1985-86 to 1989-90

  1987-88   5

Production (tonnes, fresh weight)

  [Same stubs as above]

Average yield 6 per bearing hectare (tonnes fresh weight 7)

  [Same stubs as above]

(a) Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, comprising local government areas of Leeton and Griffith.
(b) Comprises the local government areas of Wakool, Balranald and Wentworth.
(c) Includes non-bearing. 8

Explanatory notes for the table

1. Appropriate description

2. Wafer heading

3. Stubs

4. Useful summary of past 25 years

5. Current trends

6. Industry terminology

7. Must be specified in a table on grapes

8. Possibly the table could list bearing and non-bearing areas separately