Effective Onscreen Editing, 2nd edition

Geoff Hart’s Effective Onscreen Editing is an essential resource for anyone who edits onscreen, regardless of the word processor in use. Geoff’s examples are from Microsoft Word, but most of his recommendations can be translated readily to OpenOffice.org or other programs. The book is available in both PDF and printed forms, each optimised for its format: the PDF is in landscape format, while the printed book is in portrait format. See this page for details.

Here’s what Geoff says about his book:

The revised 2nd edition of Effective Onscreen Editing is now available. The new edition has been extensively revised to include new information, to correct errors in the 1st edition, and to focus on using the techniques with Word 2003, 2007, and 2008. In addition, all Web links have been moved onto my Web site so I can keep them up to date more easily…

My comment: Years ago I wrote a book titled Electronic Editing, followed by a series of books called Taming Microsoft Word. I considered updating the original book, but I’m glad I didn’t take the time. Geoff Hart has written a much better, more complete, and more readable book than I could ever do. I recommend it highly.


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