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Issue 13, 24 June 1999

ISSN 1442-8652
Editor: Jean Hollis Weber

In this issue...

Feature article: Marking and tracking changes in Adobe FrameMaker
Resource of the week:
Tip of the week: Word's styles and numbering
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Feature article: Marking and tracking changes in Adobe FrameMaker

Many people have used the "revision" tools found in Microsoft Word, Lotus WordPro, WordPerfect and other word processors to track changes made to a document by editors and reviewers. I asked a FrameMaker users' list how to do something similar in FrameMaker.

This article has been moved to

A follow-up article is here:

Resource of the week: is "the most comprehensive resource on the World Wide Web for Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS), Performance Centered Design and Knowledge Mananagement."

The site includes a thorough list of frequently asked questions, a bibliography of resources (books, articles, online sources), conference listings, case studies, and more. The case studies are mostly brief summaries, with some links to more detailed material.

If you want or need to learn more about performance support systems, or want some material to help educate or convince someone else to consider the concept, this is a great place to start. I also find that a lot of EPS concepts are extremely useful when applied to other situations, for example when analyzing training documents for audience suitability.

(September 2002 comment: this site has been heavily revised since I wrote the above, so the description may not be quite true anymore, but there certainly are a lot of resources and links listed here.)

Tip of the week: Word's styles and numbering

For any Word users who are not yet subscribers to Woody's Office Watch: WOW recently began a column titled "The Word of Law," which has been looking at the use of styles and automatic numbering of headings and paragraphs. Your needs may be less complex than a law office's, but if you've wrestled with Word 97's numbering feature (and lost), you just might find the magic tip in here.

Back issues of WOW are archived on Woody's site:

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