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I do enjoy finding blogs that support my opinions on grammar. Here’s one. Motivated Grammar: Prescriptivism Must Die!

Technical Editing in the 21st Century

Cover of Technical Editing in the 21st Century

Just published by Prentice Hall, Technical Editing in the 21st Century is the title of a new textbook I co-authored with Nicole Amare and Barry Nowlin. ISBN 978-0131196773. Available from, and other sources.

Portfolios and skill building

The best way to demonstrate your editorial abilities is to show examples of documents before and after you edited them, but often that’s not an option. The best way to expand your skills is to work in the areas you’re interested in, whether that’s expanding into comprehensive editing from copy-editing or working in different subjects, …

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Using “the cloud” for online file storage and syncing

What can “cloud computing” offer to technical editors? Quite a lot, I think. I’ll be writing more about this topic as I get more involved in using different features. At the moment, the main items of interest to me are those related to syncing files between two or more computers, preferably with Web access to …

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Sending and receiving files

Like most writers and editors, I often need to receive files from clients and collaborators and send files to them. Usually these files are small to moderate in size (


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