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I have resigned from the Apache OpenOffice project

Effective immediately, I have resigned from the Apache OpenOffice project. An excerpt from my resignation letter, and related comments, are here. I intend to become more involved with The Document Foundation and the LibreOffice project.

New Perspectives on Technical Editing

I have an essay titled “Copyediting and Beyond” in New Perspectives on Technical Editing, edited by Avon J. Murphy, published by Baywood, 2010. I am honored to appear in a book containing essays by some of the field’s leaders whom I admire greatly, including Carolyn Rude, Michelle Corbin, Geoff Hart, and George Hayhoe (an incomplete …

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Developing Company Editing Standards

This article is nothing dramatically new, but it is a good summary. Developing Company Editing Standards, by Kristine Haugseth. This presentation covers how to develop editing standards for content. It provides tips on how to get started when no conventions exist and how to improve coverage of topics when time and resources are limited. It …

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The value of editors

Paul Ford, in Real Editors Ship, says some things I’ve been trying to tell people for years. Other editors will understand what he’s talking about; many of the people who need us most won’t get it. Here’s a quote: Editors are really valuable, and, the way things are going, undervalued. These are people who are …

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Editing troubleshooting procedures

The Diagnosis-Resolution Structure in Troubleshooting Procedures, by David K. Farkas, on the WritersUA website. In this paper, I define troubleshooting procedures and briefly sketch out how they are developed. Then I analyze the genre’s underlying architectural structure of diagnosis and resolution, showing both simple and complex configurations of symptoms and solution methods. These configurations are …

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