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About technical editors

About technical editing
Beyond copy-editing: the editor-writer relationship
Choosing and using a technical writer
Classifying editorial tasks
Different ways of working
Do editors focus on the wrong things?
Escape from the grammar trap
Ethics in scientific and technical communication
Finding telecommuting work
How long does editing take?
Marketing your remote editorial services
Taming a telecommuting team
Taming a telecommuting team (v.2)
Technical editors’ responsibilities
The role of the editor in the technical writing team
Time zones can be your friend
What is substantive editing?
Who needs a technical editor?
Who needs a technical writer?
Working with a technical editor

Books: Graphics & visual communication
Books: Indexing
Books: Management, consulting, teleworking, getting started
Books: Negotiation and workplace relationships
Books: Operating systems
Books: Technical editing and style guides
Books: Technical writing
Books: Tools for technical writers and editors
Books: Website and online help design
Books: Website coding (HTML, CSS, etc.)

How to
Alternatives to the paragraph
An example of substantive editing
Audience and document analysis
Choosing and using help topics
Deciding what needs to be done
Developing a Departmental Style Guide
Editing an index
Editing for an international audience
Editing glossaries
Editing illustrations
Editing online materials
Editing procedures and instructions
Editing reports and proposals
Editing single-sourced projects
Editing tables
Editing tables of data
Editing tips
Editing Web sites
Gender-neutral technical writing
Hints for developing a table of contents
Parts of a typical statistical table
Planning an online help project
Sample editing checklist
Stressing what is important in a sentence
Terminology and spelling for Web-related concepts
Use cases” and “user scenarios” explained
Use of hyphens
Using style sheets
What’s wrong with this procedure – answers
What’s wrong with this procedure?
Words in several varieties of English
Working electronically

Discussion groups, newsletters, and related websites
FrameMaker tools and resources
Grammar, punctuation, spelling
Help authoring tools
Microsoft Word information sources
Resources for editors and writers of websites
Resources for technical editors in Australia
Screen capture and graphics tools for Windows systems


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