Sending and receiving files

Like most writers and editors, I often need to receive files from clients and collaborators and send files to them. Usually these files are small to moderate in size (<2MB) but sometimes they can be quite large. Even smallish ones can cause problems for some people's email inboxes, and large ones are often incompatible with email (taking far too long to download, if no other problems occur).

Enter the file-sharing and file-sending websites, of which there are many offering a variety of services, for free or for a fee. For simple send-and-receive situations, all I want is a free, easy-to-use site which does not require registration or download of any software, runs on any operating system that I have (Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X), has file size limits that are larger than I’m likely to need, and preferably isn’t cluttered with blinking advertisements. I don’t need long-term storage (more than a week). Many services meet these requirements. One I particularly like is senduit, which has one of the cleanest and easiest-to-use web pages I’ve ever seen—and it’s advertising-free!