DUFF Ballot 2008 — North America to Australasia

This is the electronic version of the ballot. It was produced by Jean Weber. You can vote using the form at the end of this page. Or you can print a copy of the ballot by downloading the PDF.

Voting deadline is midnight on January 31, 2008.

Since 1972 the Down Under Fan Fund, a fan-supported fellowship, has encouraged closer ties between science fiction fans in Australasia and North America through an alternating exchange of representatives. DUFF delegates attend the Worldcon or a national convention in the host country and visit fans they might otherwise never meet in person. Delegates are responsible for raising funds and administering DUFF until a new delegate from their continent is elected, and are expected to publish trip reports which can be sold to aid the fund.

VOTING: DUFF uses the preferential balloting system to guarantee an automatic runoff and a majority win. The voter ranks the candidates in order of preference (1, 2, 3, etc.). If there is no absolute majority for one candidate after the first count of votes, first-place votes for the lowest-ranking candidate are dropped, and the second-place votes on those ballots are assigned to the candidates named. This goes on until one candidate has a majority. So it's important to vote for second, third, etc. places, especially if you choose to write in a candidate. (The voter is not required to fill in more than their name, address and first choice.)

Ballots must be signed and accompanied by a donation of at least $5US or $6 Australian. Anyone may contribute and donations in excess of the voting minimum are gratefully accepted. Checks should be made payable to Joe Siclari (in North America) or Norman Cates (in New Zealand/Australasia) in the administrator's home currency.

Anyone may vote who has been active in fandom on or before January 1, 2007. "Active in fandom" means involved in fannish pursuits such as fanzine writing or reading, convention running or attending, amateur film/video production, or club participation. Only natural persons may vote. Each voter may vote only once.

CANDIDATES: Two Australasian fans and three North American fans nominate each candidate. Each candidate has written a platform and promised (barring Acts of God) to travel to Swancon, the Australian National Science Fiction Convention, in Perth, Western Australia, Australia, March 20-24, 2008, and to serve as administrator of the fund until the next North American delegate is elected.

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Steve & Sue Francis

We are entering our names as candidates for the DUFF selection to continue our goal of making new friends wherever we go, and a second trip to Australia would provide an excellent opportunity to do so. We have each attended 300+ conventions, including chairing 18 RiverCons. Our experiences in running and working on many conventions have made us aware of convention organization and what is involved in administering and raising funds for charitable organizations. Whatever your choice, please cast your vote!

Nominators: North America: Pat Molloy & Naomi Fisher, Pat & Roger Sims, James Briggs & Sandra Childress. Australasia: Eric Lindsay, Stephen Boucher & Janice Gelb.

Murray Moore

Being Canadian I can spell Australian. With pen, paper, camera, and Tilley underwear I will spend time with fans in homes, pubs, and cafes, and, oh yeah, attend the NatCon. I want to meet the descendants of my master criminal English relative who stole a loaf of bread. Meeting fans who I know from my membership in ANZAPA would be cool. I might copy Julian Warner and sleep in a kimono. I have read Greg Egan and the Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy, Volume 2. I will try to like vegemite; I said try. Previous Australasian Travel: None.

Nominators: North America: Mike Glicksohn, Hope Leibowitz, Lloyd & Yvonne Penney. Australasia: Bruce Gillespie, Jean Weber.

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DEADLINE: Ballots must be received by midnight January 31, 2008! Send this entire ballot with US$5 or A$6 (or more) donation to an administrator. Results will be posted at: http://www.fanac.org/DUFF2008.

VERIFICATION: The voters must be natural persons who have been active in fandom on or before January 1, 2007. If you think you may be unknown to the administrators, please give the name of a fan or fan group (other than a candidate or nominator) who can vouch that you meet these criteria.

You may vote in either of these ways:


Votes are not valid unless accompanied by a contribution of at least US$5 or A$6 or the equivalent in other currencies. You may donate in either of these ways:


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DUFF 2008 Electronic Ballot

Voting deadline is midnight on January 31, 2008.

Note: This ballot is sent to an email address at Jean Weber's domain, from where it is automatically forwarded to Norman Cates, one of the DUFF administrators, without Jean seeing it.

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If you think you may be unknown to the administrators, please give the name of a fan or fan group (other than a candidate or nominator) who can vouch that you meet the voting criteria.
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